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Chasing The Infinite Sky (2016 Star Trek mini fan film ...

Being a big Star Trek fan, I created this fanmade conceptual SHORT piece simply to express my love for the franchise. With a big dream, some green screen and cgi I tried to put together something nice to share. This quick story takes place in an alternate timeline and is meant to highlight Star Fleet’s passion for space exploration. Captain Benjamin Storm and crew have been given a remarkable assignment: to take the Albatross on its first long distance interstellar road trip. Utilizing it’s newly refitted experimental warp drive, this mission will push the ship along the edge and beyond the outskirts of the universe.
Also, my apologies for any inaccuracies and a few grammar errors. After several years in the making on my spare time, I was in a rush to share it with my fellow fans to celebrate the latest Star Trek movie release. Thank you so much for watching. Live long and prosper!

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